1 4 wave 2m hustler antenna. Mynka A.

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The DB is essentially two DBs stacked on one longer mast and can be ordered with one or with two feedlines the "split kit".

Unlike similar portable directional designs using the Yagi principal, the Elk has polarization for both bands in the same plane as the radiators operate at reddit girlsfinish 2m and 70cm.

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When you have multiple people writing on the same topic some repetition is inevitable.

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Like any notch-only duplexer, any frequency outside the notches rides right through.

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We guarantee all used equipment for 30 days unless noted.

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The vertical dipole is fed at the center by a 1:

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You need about one yard of 3 core, 2 amp flex and a ferrite rod with a length of about 6 inches or longer.

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It was reported as being equally as loud as my unprocessed at 50 watts.

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