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June 21,

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A couple attempts are downright catchy, like the singles "Holiday" and "New York Mining Disaster " - not to mention "To Love Somebody," a Top 40 hit like the other two and probably better remembered despite its corny arrangement, gratingly bombastic chorus, and mock-soul vocal.

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So there's little to keep your attention as they plod through their unpredictable song structures on epics like the mock-ominous "Return Of The Giant Hogweed.

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She has a really nice escucheon arch, with a wide, well attached, easy to milk udder, with plumb teats.

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Produced by Erik Jacobsen.

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And left the party drunk!!

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At the time, she was under 17 inches tall, and managed to earn a spot on the Top 10 list, both for test points and for high milk for one day milk test!

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