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There is one provincial radio service which broadcasts about 80 hours per week in Frisian.

In the woods, she only dared spy from a safe distance.

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The sight of the dog frightened Denise.

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Thus they have fierce battle with the Sun.

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Shuki gave birth to the birds like parrots, owls and crows.

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Janamejaya dynasty and origin of Bharat.

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A clayish, fatty water, during fevers, is a sign of consumption and marasmus.

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This is a natural counterpoint in which parenting and sexual choice are complementary facets of the reproductive imperative.

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The arduous hunting-gathering life would be insupportable for a single person or a single nuclear family without the cooperation and companionship of the larger group.

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Magic and Mystery of Menstruation, a book by Luisa Francia.

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It is an approved remedy.

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In this fluid harden most metals.

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It might seem fair to tiny adorable teens woman that she has suzerainty over a child she's carried in her womb for nine months, but it's not always fair to the child!

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