Cat urinating in house suddenly. It can be overwhelming walking into your favorite pet food store and see all of the different offerings.

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Elliott worked as a veterinarian at an animal clinic for over a decade.

What kind of personality traits in a pet are you NOT willing to live with?

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I have successfully used Evening Primrose Oil long-term instead of corticosteroid treatment for feline skin problems.

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Their constant need for attention and admiration makes them great pets for a household with many people or with children.

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The loss of a leg through injury may sound catastrophic but 3 legged cats adapt well.

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When I unplug it

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Do I adult massage guelph for tomorrow to bring him back to my vet or do I bring him to the urgent 24 hour places that charge triple the price?

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He opens my daughters drawers and steals them.

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My cat just started peeing in different spots on my bed in the last two weeks.

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