College humor sex. Flag fetishism in America is sometimes combined with another common form of sexual fetishism:

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Rex Curry has suggested that this may have been the inspiration behind the adoption of the swastika as alphabetic symbolism for "socialism" by the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

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Government's schools should not teach kids to verbally fellate flags each morning.

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Men can have multiple orgasms.

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Me and the people you vote for and elect!

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The following proposal to tweak those laws would emphasize the meaning of the sacred ritual:

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It's not enough for Soma's patrons to be supernaturally stimulated by having one taste of his heavenly cooking.

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But it was too late.

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The bellamy dogma is the same dogma that was behind the socialist Wholecaust of which the Holocaust was a part:

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Duly anointed, the teacher's job will be to cleanse the hearts and minds of America.

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Ja, det kan du.

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Socialism's prison-size and prison-style schools are part of the problem and the hidden vagenda.

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