Girl numbers for sexting. It's not hard to find people on the internet who are willing to text over apps like Kik or instant messager.

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So, if you're trying to get a woman off, send her a heavy word to photo ratio.

Two hundred researchers used a global network of telescopes to capture the iconic image of a black hole.

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The History of Sexting.

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Mar 26 35 photos.

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CNET senior producer Dan Patterson reports on some of the technological and ethical challenges facing the rapidly growing field of artificial intelligence.

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Go with a site that you know you can have some fun with.

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Try them out for a week or more and see if they have anybody that is of interest to you.

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Employment Attorney Donna Ballmanwho finds reason to be concerned about this ruling, says:.

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British woman, 22, 'argued with her German boyfriend at 3am in their Swiss hotel room' before being found

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