Girls with long legs wrestling. AJ commented after the match that he often was in awe at her bulging trapeze muscles as she was securely pinning him down during numerous counts to

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Find out if Fiorella has acquired the skills to take on the reigning champ.

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In the end, a skull crushing maneuver is performed three times and one warrior is left twitching on the mat in a crumpled heap.

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Women Rule.

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Lilith performs at her peak in this competitive mixed wrestling match against young fit taekwondo guy Andel.

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Amazingly, instead of immediate match stoppage, Viktoria never even shakes and just pummels trough, punishing him immediately for such foolish move with heavy HOM and hard facesitting.

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Star doesn't take his opponent lightly and looks to put her away with some nasty slams and painful MMA style armlocks.

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Kristiana Kristiana the Knockout steps onto the mat with fan favorite, Onyx, for some rough and tumbling wrestling warfare.

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Will it be enough to make the womens wrestling legend tap out?

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An enjoyable youth vs experience match up with plenty for fans of either wrestler!

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Ties or draws are common in wrestling.

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