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Any travel style works -Economy -Small Group -Exclusive.

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Having picked and made your way among the princes and the frogs, you eventually take the big step with your chosen one from the otherworld to the regular one, and you can finally watch movies together have kids, move in and eventually, perhaps marry.

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A recent american weekly newsweek acknowledged Iceland the best country for women's lives, taking into account of criteria such as women's access to education, rights and medicine, participation women in politics.

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A thousand years since the end of the Viking Age and we still have not mastered the art of conversation.

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According to the Durex Global Sex Survey, Icelanders are actually world leaders when it comes to first sexual contact, clocking in at an impressive average age of

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Rather, they are able scholars, a Spaniard, a German and a Latvian, who all speak Icelandic fluently.

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