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If this had been at a football game, he could have run and still remained in full view of the audience for several minutes.

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Eventually, the nude man lying there in the clearing with fresh sperm on his chest and belly, stirred, looking around furtively, and then stretched and pulled himself to his feet.

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I was so happy, and the fun had just begun.

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Claire doesn't live in an overly large neighborhood.

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We couldn't even hear the stream until we were almost there on its banks.

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Shoes, sneakers in particular, are acceptable, and sometimes necessary, and a streaker might wear a hat and sometimes dark glasses for protection from the bright sun.

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I myself was a naked hot rod girls bit embarrassed at being there with my kid brother seeing this, or I probably would have rolled down the car window and waved at him, or slowed down and honked the horn, or something.

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Who knows what I was thinking or how I assumed I'd get the cuffs off later.

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