Naders positon on gay marriage. Overall, 44 percent of Americans know someone who is gay or lesbian, but even more -- 54 percent -- of those under age 30 say teen cumsluts tumblr know a gay or lesbian person.

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Every year, John Corona brought in veterans to his school, so they can share their stories with the students.

Views on whether homosexuality is a personal choice or something that cannot be changed greatly influences opinions on gay marriage, civil unions, and homosexual relations.

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David Begnaud reports.

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In this poll, more than half of Americans say they would favor that amendment, and 40 percent would oppose it.

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A look back at the esteemed personalities who've left us this year, who touched us with their innovation, creativity and naged men.

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These views have not changed much since July of

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The dog known worldwide as Hamish has been reunited with his family, who revealed his real name.

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In a special, behind the scenes look at "Game of Thrones," Kit Harington gives Anderson Cooper a nude 40 of the warehouse storing the show's props and reveals what happened to Ned Stark's head.

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One person was killed, and at least 17 were injured.

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Majorities of those who believe homosexuality is something people cannot change favor gay marriage, civil unions, and believe homosexual relations should be legal.

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