Names of the main characters in moby dick. The relative character frequencies of a text can be used in automatically identifying the language of the text.

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A particularly challenging version of this problem arises when we don't know the words in advance.

Then we can open and read it in the way we just demonstrated above:.

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Summary Script and art by John Byrne.

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Ishmael believes that whales deserve a degree of reverence and respect.

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We follow the misadventures of a caveman called Fred as he attempts to survive yet another day in his wild woman in pantyhose unpredictable prehistoric environment.

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The contents of a word, and of a file, are represented by programming languages as a fundamental data type known as a string.

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Supreme executive power derives from

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Such methods can be applied to tokenization for writing systems that don't have any visual representation of word boundaries.

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Instead of doing this again, we focus on the use of regular expressions at different stages of linguistic processing.

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We've listed it here as appearing in Scatterbrain until another citation surfaces.

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