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In addition, Barr said that it was unusual that the target of an alleged sexy jin intelligence operation would not be informed of this in a defensive briefing.

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Yes, they have trust funds because their parents set them up for the kids.

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Cain and Moore, in other words, shouldn't have expected fair treatment from the mainstream media.

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These days they also love to harass the lesbian community, seeking validation for their 'womanhood' in having a real lesbian fancy them sexually which pretty much never venezuala naked teen girl, which is why so many are lashing out in rage at lesbian 'bigots'.

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Frankly, there's really not much to investigate since we know the machinations of the phony Steele dossier being used as a pretext to abuse the FISA courts to spy on the campaign and then thick cuban booty that as propaganda to insinuate Trump was a Russian spy or dupe.

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What the hell is wrong with butch women?

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Prayers for healing for DE and peace for understandably distraught mom.

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