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He set the knife carefully down on the coffee table before he turned his attention to her pants.

Sexiest latina pornstars by Joanna Chambers A traumatic illness robs Rose Davenport of her looks, thwarting her dreams of marriage until she is matched with the heir to the Earl of Stanhope.

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I've been married to a guy I met in high school who supports me on my journey through the sexual wonderland that is Tumblr.

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The History of the Future:

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The least they could do is make these things fit better… She rose from the table at the sound of a knock.

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Sharing the responsibility for her orphaned nephew with a feckless sister and putting her own ambitions on hold, Miranda is barely keeping her head above water.

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Free, user supported, and with the added bonus of having one of the most hilariously dry names for an erotica website ever.

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Get to Know Us.

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They drove for a while in silence as he guided the car out of the city.

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