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Grell is not the type to hesitate to kill off his comrades when they lose their usefulness.

She works hard with Rentaro to protect humanity from their greatest threat.

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As a child, Erza was enslaved by a cult of Zeref worshippers to work atop beyonce pussy Tower of Heaven, but she awakened the magic inside of her and was able to flee from the island after inciting a rebellion.

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He was Jack the Ripper, after all.

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Even when society shuns her and her friends turn on her, Enju continues to fight on.

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She has shown that she is quite masterful at it and even uses it for frivolous actions like changing from a towel into her pajamas after a bath.

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Gaara is the younger sibling to Temari and Kankuro, and youngest child to the 4th Kazekage and Karura.

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He must depend on his weaker power to protect Sunagakure and continue on as a leader!

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Yoko is a girl unlike any other.

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