Samara ardat yakshi. Also if you have the points I would suggest both the Firepower Pack and the Aegis Pack for this game, because the new armor, assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun, and pistol are too vintage playboy videos to give up.

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After demolishing the mechs that get in your way in the next open area, get your squad members into proper position as indicated by the big orange arrows and wait for Tali to open the bay door.

When you've regained control of Shepard, you can choose to immediately depart for the next destination, but you will be missing quite a nude montana women of juicy Codex information and opportunities for side tasks.

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Check out Serrice Technology, a kiosk selling high tech wares.

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Fortunately, we've conquered them all for you.

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Only the Vanguard poses much of a threat, if any, to you.

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Of course, leave the talking to the guns.

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The building to the right provides windows through which you gain clearer views on the advancing horde.

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He sounds a little delusional, but you can oblige him a bit.

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When your up against a lot of husks like when your on the derelict reaper to aquire its iff it really comes in handy.

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Read the full guide

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Head toward the door outside, but move past it to the PDA first for some extra credits.

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