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Viewers tuned in each week hoping he and Zoe would figure out a way to be together, and when he finally proclaimed his love for the young witch and spurned Madison's advances, audiences rejoiced.

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If any of them be right, which is it and how shall I know it?

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She is horribly selfish, uses people for her own gains and turns into a simpering mess when it all catches up with her.

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Severide's side project of fixing the boat for a wealthy acquaintance turns complicated and personal.

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The 5 Best And 5 Worst Episodes.

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The RBI were the most driven in since

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It was the second consecutive year that he's been voted to the team

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Meanwhile, Otis, Herrmann and Mouch are on a mission to locate free interracial mobile source of a horrible stench that is making life unpleasant at Firehouse

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All I can tell you is about my journey and hope it somehow helps.

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It's tragic that she was impregnated and left by the man she loved, but Hayden didn't make it particularly easy to like her.

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