Two guys making out. We hope you know that.

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How about honey fried chicken for the main course?

We're not going to force our closest friends and most loyal supporters down the throats of people who couldn't care less.

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Okay, that's not true.

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The gang from Manny High move in together as part of a reality TV show.

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Jamal convinces Chris to have a party and drive his father's car after Chris reveals that his parents forgot his birthday.

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No one is laughing when Chris and Jamal's rivalry with the deejays from another school escalates from spirited pranks to costly property damages.

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Some of the screenings also had surprise visits by cast and crew.

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This approach allows all three two-suiters in the three unbid suits to be shown.

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Cassidy and Dawn misinterpret his message about the ring as a marriage proposal and the Duke brochures as Chris wanting Cassidy to go with him to Duke.

As mentioned in the guidelines above the nature and distributional shape of the two-suited holding is based on the presence of working values in the two suits and also on the state of vulnerability.

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