Was there sex in the garden of eden. An alternative understanding of the story of the fall emphasizes that Adam and Eve did wrong because they 'gave in' to the temptation of the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

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This approach is how you will be heard so that you may lend your gift to the world.

The lead energy has mutative qualities so there is the drive to make the laws better, but this is not revolutionary energy.

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You are driven to ask the questions that help figure out a logical perspective as to why we are at a particular place.

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You are here to be very productive and drawn to secure relationships.

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You are here to vocalize individual expression.

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You are here to be wise about what to do in the moment for you and for others.

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The channel is a main line of energy from the Sacral Center to the Throat Center and is about ''doing it'', whatever ''it'' is.

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It's likely that the other humans, as a group, were not as intelligent as Adam and his descendants were, given the fact that they didn't know how to farm.

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You are not here to back them up, but to lay them out for the rest of us to puzzle over.

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