What does attached mean. I don't hear the saying used much anymore so I think it's kind of fizzled out, but what do you want to bet it will come back in style like everything else?

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The crane had an electrically operated hoist and was capable of lifting approximately 4.

Peak Popularity Were your parents ahead of the curve when picking their baby's name?


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I am surround by 6s in my dreams last night i dreamed my son had 6s tatooed behind his ear.

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Yellow in dreams — Yellow color in dreams might indicate:

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Popular Spellings Have you ever wondered about the spellings of names like Sean kShawn kand Shaun 72k?

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Issa says March 29, Oh my God!

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What are the system requirements for Qubes OS?

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You may be able to install without the required CPU features for testing dating websites tinder only, but VMs may not function correctly and there will be no security isolation.

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Lift, lift, lift in love and light and connect with even higher levels.

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