What makes a psychopath angry. The family psychopath may yet make you proud.

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They respected nothing but brute strength and loud yelling, litteraly shat on Guilliman's teachings, and made him and his brothers do all the menial jobs and things xxx swinging bitches didn't feel like doing.

I've got 2 daughters who are nothing but self-less and giving.

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I feel I am the only calming effect when she is shouting and screaming and he is crying.

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Just like me, and I know it.

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Negatives cannot draw anything positive.

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Psychopaths can be cured, it's called a 45ACP single session therapy.

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Jim, do you know what the word "primary" means?

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Courage is what one has to have to overcome the effects of that psychopath and I can do it and almost have.

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Unfortunately for the pretty marines at least the orks don't give a shit about anyone else's plot armour apart from their own and yarricks, da greatist an orkiest humie eva!

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In my opinion, this happens to be something that we are born with and probably manifests itself more aggressively in different personalities.

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The condition itself has been recognized for centuries, wearing evocative labels such as "madness without delirium" and pussy ass fuck insanity" until the late s, when "psychopath" was coined by a German clinician.

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Wounds throughout the mother's uterus and all along the birth canal indicated extreme trauma.

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