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December 6,

When Takeo gave Mariya Saijou a piggyback ride, Sunakawa was left to wait outside the school alongside Yamato.

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The next morning, Takeo and Rinko get to meet some woodland critters before reaching the roadside, after which they are able to get home safely.

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However, Sunakawa told her he felt sorry for her as she had to hold pierced porn feelings in and that the two will never know if she didn't say anything, causing her to confess.

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Takeo and the others invite Mariya to join them for a festival being held at a university, with Rinko and Mariya bonding over their admiration for Takeo.

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May 9,

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Overall, Maki and Sunakawa interact comfortably as neighbours.

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The two seem to share a close friendship in part due to their close relationship to Takeo.

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They seem to be a loving family.

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May 9,

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